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Toys: 3D & production stage (Pt. III)

IV- 3D MODELING This is the third part of our first blog entry. We are sharing the process we went through to create two toy figures from our “The Offsiders” story. In the first post we started with a vector version of […]

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Toys: the bitmap stage (Pt. II)

III- TEXTURES In the previous post we talked about how two characters from our “The Offsiders” story, Sergi & Svenson went from scratch to vectors. As I wanted to add more detail in the form of textures, Adobe Photoshop was […]

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Toys: the vector stage (Pt. I)

Hello!!! At the Toy Büro we are currently shaping a story titled “The Offsiders”. Two of their characters are Sergi (a spanish boy) and Svenson (a viking). At the moment we have them in two different mediums. As cards which are part of a board […]

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